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KC -EVMD08P (Key Chain)
"Every Single Volunteer
Makes A Difference "

KC -VPSK08P (Key Chain)
"Volunteers Plant the
Seeds of Kindness "

KC-INSP-1P (Key Chain)
"Inspire by Example"

KC-TB101P (Key Chain)
"Vols are Huggable!"

KC-PPT05P (Key Chain)
"Puzzle Theme"

KC-RH05P (Key Chain)
"Touch The Heart"

KC-TC02P (Key Chain)
"Treasure Theme"

KC-HT05P (Key Chain)
Touch The Heart"

KC-VAAP (Key Chain)
"Our Vols. are Angels"

KC-VP101P (Key Chain)
"Volunteer Heart"

KC-ST02P (Key Chain)
"Volunteers Are Stars!"

KC-VP102P (Key Chain)
"Our Vols. Are Stars!"

KC-501CP (Key Chain)
" Lucky to Have You

KC-701CP (Key Chain)
" Key To Our Success"

KC-TIME05P (Key Chain)
"TIME Theme "
KC-WL02P (Key Chain)
"World of Love"

KC-WH02P (Key Chain)
"Work of Heart"

(Volunteer Poem on the Back of the Key Chain)

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*Inspire By Example artwork is created by Points of Light Foundation in order to produce consistency in the promotion and observation of National Voluneteer Week. If you wish to use this theme, please let us know and we will provide you with promotional products for your organization within their written guidelines.

Personalized Key Chains




Art Style#: EVMD08
Every Volunteer
Makes A Difference
Art Style#: VPSK08
Volunteers Plant the
Seeds of Kindness
Art Style#: VAAH
Volunteer Are
All Heart
Art Style#: CELPACT
Celebrating People
In Action
Art Style#: VHCHLH
Volunteer Have Caring
Hands & Loving Hearts

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Art Style#: TC02
Volunteers Are
A Treasure

Art Style#: INSP-1
Volunteers Inspire
By Example
Art Style#: VolRock
Volunteers Rock!
Art Style#: INTYRVOL
International Year
of Volunteers +10
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© All artwork & designs on this page are original creations and are the exclusive property of
Creative Designs & Marketing, Inc (C. D. & M., Inc.) d/b/a VolunteerGifts.com and
may not be reproduced or used in any manner without prior written consent.
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